1 describe the key features of the

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1 describe the key features of the

There are many opinions and methods as to how best approach it. They have to, in order to position themselves against competing agencies. They use cool-looking graphics: Many companies never bother to craft a brand strategy, instead allowing the market to brand them, for better or worse.

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Solving the branding black box just takes a little learning and a strong commitment. Brands play on our emotionsso your brand architecture should uncover the specific emotions around which you might build your brand.

To create your brand architecture, follow this five-step process: Then, list the benefits of each. A feature is an element of what something does or what it is.

A benefit is a positive result that the feature delivers. Now focus on the benefits. A functional benefit is directly related to the functionality of the feature. An upgraded stereo provides higher-quality sound. An emotional benefit is one that evokes a feeling or emotion.

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An upgraded stereo might make the user feel like a rock star. Next, review each feature and benefit individually, and determine its level of importance to the market.

1 describe the key features of the

Assign each to one of three categories: Now, rank your features and benefits. Brands play on our emotions—even B2B brands.

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The strongest brands are built around emotional benefits. Use this ranking system: Few brand architectures are built around features, but by including them in the rankings, we emphasize the importance of focusing on benefits and, more specifically, emotional benefits that cause people to desire your offering on a visceral level.

The final step is to identify the emotional benefits that will become the core of your brand strategy. Typically, you should focus on the highest rankings for the architecture of your brand. Evaluate all of those with a ranking of 6 or higher.

1 describe the key features of the

You might decide to include a few functional benefits with the emotional benefits. Carefully consider the functional or emotional benefits you select for your brand architecture. Powerful Brand Strategy Tools.The command issued a lot of information on the columns of the city table.

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