5 ways to boost your confidence

Here's how you can learn to be confident in all you do.

5 ways to boost your confidence

Fact is, some people simply will not hire you without talking to you first, either on the phone or via Skype. Basically, they want to get a feel for you minds out of the gutter, please.

That you know the subject, can write about it in an informed manner, and have your own insightful comments to add. Sadly not, mon petit pois. But fortunately, there are a few things you can do to up your on-the-phone game. And by talk, I of course mean type.

I almost never talk to my clients on the phone, simply because I make a good case for email. Even so, there will inevitably be a few who want to have a natter.


But suck it up, sunshine, because this is something you need to learn to do. They are NOT negotiable. If people want to hire you, they need to pay your rates.

Ashley Ambirge wrote a fantastic post about this.

5 ways to boost your confidence

Jot down a few notes before you begin But do NOT follow a script. Strike a power pose This is my power pose. This probably sounds like a stupid idea, right? Hands on hips, legs up on the desk, leaning forward with your hands on the table — whatever your chosen pose is, it should make you BIGGER. Even just sitting up straight will make a huge difference.

Acting more confident will make you feel more confident. Amy Cuddy talks about this in her fantastic TED talk. In fact, you should avoid rambling at all costs. Get your client to do the talking instead by asking them questions.

Let silence reign This is probably the hardest to do. Your prospect will feel that creeping uneasiness too, and eventually they will start talking again. Sometimes I do this just for fun, because I like to watch people squirm. Intentionally speak slowly This is hard to do, too, actually.

Oh who am I kidding? Making a conscious effort to speak slowly will help stop you rambling nervously.Alright, smarty pants–you’ve got the brain power, but what about emotional intelligence?

Learn to diffuse anger, listen with empathy, and decode unspoken feelings; your coworkers will thank you. Sep 03,  · Life can hit you hard, and crush your confidence. But only if you let it. Here's how to boost your confidence today. There are many ways to improve your self-confidence, some of which are explored on this initiativeblog.comse, while known for its benefits for health and longevity, is another tool that can be used to help promote confidence.

So you sent the perfect query letter to your ideal client — the one whose blog you practically dream about writing for (that doesn’t make you a loser, right?Right.) — .

Somehow, in the business world, our confidence either depletes gradually as we make mistakes or grows as we accomplish tasks and excel. Often, the difference in our confidence level comes down to. The numbers don’t lie. According to several studies, 85 percent of people have a “confidence deficit.”Whether it’s in the office, in bed, at home, in your family, or in uncomfortable social situations, tons of people are struggling with deeply-rooted feelings of inadequacy.

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