An analysis of in too deep

Psychoanalyse first started to receive serious attention under Sigmund Freud, who formulated his own theory of psychoanalysis in Vienna in the s. Freud was a neurologist trying to find an effective treatment for patients with neurotic or hysterical symptoms. Freud realised that there were mental processes that were not conscious, whilst he was employed as a neurological consultant at the Children's Hospital, where he noticed that many aphasic children had no apparent organic cause for their symptoms.

An analysis of in too deep

In the short poem, Hughes proclaims that he, too, is an American, even though the dominant members of society are constantly pushing him aside and hiding him away because he is African American. Even though Hughes feels ostracized because of his race, he still sings as an American.

Hughes turned to poetry in order to speak out against the blatant racism and oppression surrounding African Americans, and this poem is no exception. Although short in length, it delivers a powerful message about how many African Americans felt—and still feel—in America. I, Too Summary In this poem, the speaker, who is probably Hughes himself, is proclaiming to the world that he, too, is an American.

He, too, sings America.

An analysis of in too deep

Even though the poem is dealing with a very painful subject—racism—the poet and speaker are still hopeful that one day soon, the powers that be will be ashamed of the way they have treated African Americans, and they will see that they are also a part of the country.

Breakdown Analysis of I, Too Hughes utilizes free verse here.

Psychoanalysis - Dream Interpretation

The poem is very brief, containing only five stanzas, two of which are only one line long. In total, there are only eighteen lines to the work. The simplicity of the poem, however, does not detract from the powerful message of the work.

Instead, it emphasizes it even more. This is his anthem. Hughes seems to be telling Whitman that he has forgotten—either intentionally or not—to include the African American, who also plays a vital, albeit different, role in the country.

The second stanza, comprised of seven lines, is where the speaker identifies himself. The third and fourth lines of the poem detail what the white majority does to the African American: Even after slavery was abolished in the States, many African Americans were still forced to work for the white man, and many of these men paid Black Americans to work in their houses as butlers, cooks, maids, and drivers.

Hughes also seems to be calling out the hypocrisy African Americans are forced to endure. Hughes is quick to let the reader know that hope is not lost. He is still happy.

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He is still healthy. And he is still able to grow, both physically and mentally. The second stanza was written in the present tense, whereas the third stanza looks toward the future.

The fourth stanza, comprised of only three lines, is a continuation of the third. Hughes takes the thoughts expressed in the third stanza one step further in the fourth. Not only will he and other African Americans finally be seen as equal, but those who had oppressed them for hundreds of years will finally feel ashamed for what they did.By clicking Sign up today, you are giving your consent to Microsoft for the Power BI newsletter program to provide you the exclusive news, surveys, tips and advice .


An analysis of in too deep

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