Analysis of the vinland sagas essay

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Analysis of the vinland sagas essay

A Warm and Bountiful Land - "distinguished by self-sown wheat, The dew there was very sweet; salmon of great size abounded; cattle could forage for themselves in winter, for there was no frost and the grass barely withered They played draughts, told stories, and occupied themselves with other activities to pass the time.

Karlsefni and Snorri wanted to set out and find Vinland, and the plans were discussed. They made their ship ready and wanted to sail to Vinland that summer [H: Bjarni and Thorhall also wanted to join the expedition with their ship and with the crew which they had brought with them.

There was a man by the name of Thorvald, the son-in-law of Eirik the Red [H: Thorhall was a huge, swarthy man who looked like an ogre; he was getting on in years, was bad-tempered and of few words, taciturn and cunning but nevertheless abusive in speech and always inciting [H: Eirik] to that which was evil.

He had cared little about the Christian religion since it had come to Greenland. Thorhall had few friends, yet Eirik had for a long time listened to his counsel.

He was on board the ship with Thorvard [H: They had that same ship in which Thorbjorn had come to Greenland.

Who or what were the Celts/Gaul's?

Most of the crew were Greenlanders. Altogether there were a hundred and sixty men on board the ships. First they sailed to the Western Settlement and from there to Bjarneyar.

They sailed from Bjarneyar before a northerly wind and were at sea two days. Then they found land and rowed ashore in the ship's boats to explore it. They found there many flat slabs of stones that were so big that two men could easily stretch out on them sole to sole.

They gave the land a name, and called it Helluland. They then sailed for two days before a northerly wind [H: South-east of the land there was an island, and there they encountered a bear and called the island Bjarney, Bear Island. The land with the forests they called Markland. After two days they sighted land again and sailed in towards the coast [H: Then they sailed southward along the coast for a long time and came to a cape].

There they arrived at a cape; they sailed along the land and had it on their starboard side. It was an open harbourless shore with long sandy beaches.

They rowed in to the shore and found [H: They also gave a name to the beaches, calling them Furdustrandir 'Wonder Beaches'because it took them so long to sail past them.

The Vinland Sagas: The Men Who Discovered America Before Columbus | Interesting Literature

Then the coastline became indented with bays, and towards [H: Soulsby, Burt Franklin, New York, In other words, conventional views concerning the "Eastern", "Middle" and "Western" Norse settlements of modern Greenland notwithstanding, there should exist a corresponding set for Eastern, Central and Western North America.

Whether the Eastern Settlement lies in the Ungava Bay region or much further south remains debatable, as, no doubt, does a presumed location for a Middle Settlement somewhere in the Central Arctic perhaps around Cambridge Bay.

As for the Western Settlement or settlementsthese may or may not be found close to Yakutat Bay in Alaska; embracing perhaps neighbouring Icy Bay to the west, and Haines further to the east--all more or less along the 60th parallel with the last named also coinciding with the top end of the line of the unexplained Pacific Northwest stone cairns see Maps 4c2 and 6d below.

Thus, after arriving at the "Western Settlement" of "Greenland" it will still be necessary to proceed to "Vinland" in accordance with all the places, times, distances and directions given in the Sagas, i.

Point Rosee and Vinland

As far as Helluland is concerned, however, this "land" seems to have been noteworthy for large flat rocks and little else. That might well be so in the case of Baffin Island and the Helulland known for its white foxes, etc.

But given the size of the Pacific Northwest and the vagueness of the requirement itself, this becomes the nautical equivalent of a needle in a haystack.

Analysis of the vinland sagas essay

But why were flat rocks chosen at all, and so vaguely at that? The stone cairns cannot be stretched to fit here either, even though they do seem to be situated along the Alaska Panhandle and as such perhaps indicate a route southward, but then again, there is the reciprocal direction to be allowed for, e.

So how are we to proceed? Referring to Map 6d below, we might start by observing that the search for Helluland, Markland and Vinland has perhaps resulted in a tendency to pass over preliminary or lesser places mentioned in the Sagas.

This is not to suggest that they were ignored, but rather that they have not necessarily been granted the priority that their relative positions might merit."An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." The Cycle of Revenge is one way to show that "two wrongs make a right" is a logically fallacious claim by deconstructing its as use as justification for vengeance.

Analysis of the "Vinland sagas" | Essay Example

It, more often than not, results in A Tragedy of Impulsiveness. It's also very. VIKINGS -Analysis of the “Vinland sagas”. Under: Essays Toa large extent this Image remains, even today, the stereotypical image of Scandinavians during the “Viking Age”.

As far as this land is concerned it can’t be said of us as of Bjarni, that we did not set foot on shore. I am now going to name this land and call it Helluland This land will be named for what it has to offer and called Markland” (The Vinland Sagas, 6).

Leif was also the exploring type and a handy man. VIKINGS -Analysis of the "Vinland sagas".

Analysis of the vinland sagas essay

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