Ancient indian weapons

Ancient Indian Weapons such as the spear, the bow and arrow, maces, swords, axes, spears, shields and others were widely used during the ancient and medieval ages in India.

Ancient indian weapons

Weapons of War as Gathered from Literature Dhanur Veda classifies the weapons of offence and defense into four - the mukta, the amukta, the mukta-mukta and the yantramukta.

The Nitiprakasika, on the other hand, divides them into three broad classes, the mukta thrownthe amukta not thrownand the mantramukta discharged by mantras. The bows and arrows are the chief weapons of the mukta group. The very fact that our Ancient indian weapons science named Dhanur Veda provides sufficiently clearly that the bow and arrow were the principle weapons of war in those times.

It was known by different terms as sarnga, kodanda, and karmuka. Whether these are synonyms of the same thing or were different is difficult to say. The Rg vedaic smith was not only a steel worker but also an arrow maker. It would be interesting to examine the true nature of the agneya-astras.

Kautalya describes agni-bana, and mentions three recipes - agni-dharana, ksepyo-agni-yoga, and visvasaghati. A recent writer remarks: The agni-bana was the fore-runner of a gun-shot Eliot tells us that the Arabs learnt the manufacture of gunpowder from India, and that before their Indian connection they had used arrows of naptha.

It is also argued that though Persia possessed saltpetre in abundance, the original home of gunpowder was India. It is said that the Turkish word top and the Persian tupang or tufang are derived from the Sanskrit word dhupa.

The dhupa of the Agni Purana means a rocket, perhaps a corruption of the Kautaliyan term natadipika. Heinrich BrunnhoferGerman Indologist, also believed that the ancient Aryans of India knew about gunpowder.

Gustav Oppert born in Hamburg, Germany, he taught Sanskrit and comparative linguistics at the Presidency College, Madras for 21 years. Translated Sukraniti, statecraft by an unknown author. He attempted to prove that ancient Indians knew firearms. For more refer to article by G R Josyer - India: The Home of Gunpowder and Firearms.

In his work, Political Maxims of the Ancient Hindus, he says, that ancient India was the original home of gunpowder and fire-arms. It is probable that the word Sataghni referred to in the Sundara Kanda of the Ramayana refers to cannon.

Ramaswami Shastri - Annamalai University p. The word astra in the Sukraniti is interpreted by Dr.Nov 29,  · Like most ancient Indian armies, the Mauryan army had 4 types of troops- elephant (gaja), chariot (ratha), cavalry (turanga), and infantry (pada).

Ancient indian weapons

The army was broken into many units. The smallest unit was called a patti, and had 1 chariot, 1 elephant, 3 cavalry and 5 infantry. Aug 24,  · Strange Weapons of Ancient India. Updated on February 12, Guilherme Radaeli.

more. Consisting of a grip with handguards, very much similar to other weapons of Indian origin, and several flexible blades made thin, edged high quality steel, the Reviews: 5. Native American weaponry was used by Native Americans to hunt and to do battle with other Native American tribes.

Native American weaponry can be grouped into 5 classifications: Striking Weapons, Cutting Weapons, Piercing Weapons, Defensive Weapons, and Symbolic Weapons. Ancient Indian Weapons like swords, spear, bow and arrow, shields, maces etc were widely used against enemy attack in warfare during the early periods.

Ancient Indian Weapons such as the spear, the bow and arrow, maces, swords, axes, spears, shields and others were widely used during the ancient and medieval ages in India. Defusing India's Ancient Atomic Blasts The facts behind an urban legend claiming a nuclear war in India some 12, years ago.

The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare.

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ancient atomic weapons are unimaginably inconsistent with human history. A huge number of skills are required to. List of premodern combat weapons. Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of historical pre- Indian parrying weapon (India) Katar, Suwaiya (कटार) Shotel (Abyssinian, ancient Egyptian) Fighting knifes and daggers Sickles and sickle-like knives.

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