Book report of slumdog millionaire

Synopsis 1 Summaries A Mumbai teen reflects on his upbringing in the slums when he is accused of cheating on the Indian Version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire? With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's Kaun Banega Crorepati? But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost.

Book report of slumdog millionaire

Does this shed light on the book? But he was not a Slumdog-kid as described in the book: Is this important for the story? The book is set in the slums of India and in the two big cities Mumbai and Delhi. The story is about a poor kid who wins one billion rupees in a quiz show, what is not really ordinary.

Slumdog Millionaire

The main character is Ram Mohammed Thomas. He is a poor Indian orphan boy, who lives in the Slums of India. He has experienced a lot, has seen many beloved people die, had so much pain but also felt love for the remaining people in his life.

Book report of slumdog millionaire

But only at the end, you discover it is because of revenge and not because of money. Salim, the best friend of Ram. He is a huge fan of Armaan Ali, a superhero in many films in Hindi films. He also lives in the slums as an orphan. His family was burnt to death when a hostile nation destroyed his village and set fire to all the houses.

Who tells the story? Does the author comment on the story? The story is told by Ram.

Book report of slumdog millionaire

That makes the story even more touching: Structure of the book The book is divided in chapters, named after the amount Ram will get if he answers the question in the quiz show right. In every chapter is described how he knew the answers of the questions in the show, so the whole book consists of flashbacks.

Are there any ideas, facts or objects that recur? I think poverty is the main motif. Religion is a motif as well, just like hope.Slumdog Millionaire: A Novel Paperback. Comment Report abuse. Ann. out of 5 stars Interesting to read.

September 15, The book is very secular, from the protagonist's name "Ram Mohammed Thomas" to the misery around him. Secular that there is misery and deceit from the priests to the nefarious creatures who blind children, from /5(). The book is about destiny vs luck, and personal dedication.

The idea behind the story line was triggered by a report in a local newspaper about children living in the Indian slums using mobile phones and the internet - an indication that class barriers were breaking down.

In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the themes are: true love Author: Vikas Swarup. I am pleased to report that I was correct - the book [u:]Q&A[/u:] is far superior to the film. A few things t I was completely unenchanted with the movie Slumdog Millionaire; the story, I felt, was predictable with characters that were totally uninteresting or completely unlikable.4/5.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Written by Vikas Swarup Luna Kim In this book ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, Ram Mohammad Thomas tells the story of his life and all its ups and downs/5(1).

Slumdog Millionaire is the story of a boy that actually won the million dollars based on giving answers (to the tv show) that related to his own life. Very funny.

Very witty/5(). Slumdog Millionaire is the story of Jamal Malik (Patel), an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life.

With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India¹s "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".

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