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Nickname[ edit ] kiko his favourite football team is manunited —Preceding unsigned comment added by I have a source and I'll add it to the personal life section. In other minor bits of information that I discovered while researching this are - He likes chicken nuggets and yams. He started balding from his late teens.

His sister Sherine predicted he would run 9. Bolt didn't take athletics too seriously in his early career and liked to go to parties every so often. Also, he is quite a loud character and Asafa Powellas a quiet guy, tries to avoid him sometimes!

It's all interesting, sure, but a bit too trivial for the article! It's not strictly incorrect but "focused" is highly preferred. Jamaica uses British English spelling so as a result it is applied to the Jamaican runners article.

See British language website Future Perfect for more information.


Obviously I'm an irregular type of guy! I'll fix it to one s. It was removed, but I think it should stay as it is an interesting fact which can easily be interleaved in to the article. El Paulio talk It could be stated as the first non-wind assisted run at 23mph but the miles per hour mixed badly with the metres per second and metres.

However this fact could constitute original research. Any reliable sources for the speed? It doesn't say anything about his actual top speed, and it's merely another way to say "he did it faster than anyone else", which the world record pretty clearly indicates on its own.

It is hardly original research as it is simple mathematics to work it out you know the distance and the time it was done in, therefore you can work out the speed and can easily be varified by anyone.

I'm fine with it being left out, but I leave it here as a possible inclusion if it is ever seen fit to include it.

content rewrite asafa

He actually started slacking off with like 20 meters. Dont have a link just yet, but Im sure someone will soon. An administrator needs to fix this. I have tried but am unable to fix the article. Accordingly, there will be a lot of registered users watching and removing the vandalism very quickly.

Slow Graffiti talk Useless vandalism really frustrates me. Thanks for taking care of that one. But for the record, all those estimates are far too low. While he did slow down a bit, it's not like he tried to stop running.

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Going through the line would have improved his time by 0. However, had he also had a faster start, he could have also improved his time by an additional 0.

Add tailwind, and that could have helped by another 0. This doesn't seem like an exact science: Bolt is likely looking at Donovan Bailey is a sprinter, not a statistician.

I base this on the 10m splits released for the run.Nov 29,  · 12 November FamousFix profile for Vybz Kartel including biography information, wikipedia facts, photos, galleries, news, youtube videos, quotes, posters.

About. Usain Bolt is a 32 year old Jamaican Track and Field. Born Usain St. Leo Bolt on 21st August, in Shewood Content,Trelawny, Jamaica, he is famous for Olympic Champion in three events (Beijing, London, Rio).Parents: Jennifer Bolt, Wellesley Bolt. Reverse Proxy With Content Rewrites. By admin on February 1, in Uncategorized.

Then we used mod_headers, mod_filter and mod_substitute to rewrite the javascript going to client and force the use of the youtube alternative.

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