Gcse english coursework speaking and listening

This course is designed to develop confidence and competence in speaking and listening, reading and writing skills. It will also help improve your grammar, spelling and punctuation, encourage active reading and develop your ability to write for different audiences and purposes.

Gcse english coursework speaking and listening

English and English Language textbook is the book we use in class and makes an excellent revision text. BBC Bitesize covers all the essential components of the exam and some of the controlled assessment objectives. The expectation is that students use this textbook for independent revision and refer to it in lessons and at home.

For more focused revision consider: The target audience and purpose of the text and what clues there are to support this The use of facts and opinions Following an argument in a text and identifying bias Describe how language, structure and presentational devices are used to make the text effective English Literature Students in sets 1 and 2 study the AQA English Literature specification.

The course comprises one Controlled Assessment and two examinations. For current year 10 students the exams will be taken in the summer of year Students study two Shakespeare plays, or one Shakespeare play and another text from the Literary Heritage to be confirmed by the class teacher.

Students respond to a question about the two texts studied.

BBC Bitesize - GCSE English Language - Speaking and listening - AQA - Revision 1

Students are required to answer one question on each text in the examination. Students are required to compare two of these poems in the examination. Students should read as widely as possible to improve their awareness of genres and styles used by writers.

The suggested GCSE reading list contains a comprehensive selection of challenging and engaging texts to interest students. Developing personal responses to texts and understanding how the writer has developed character and key themes is an excellent way to build critical skills for the examination.Coursework consists of: an essay on a Shakespeare play, a story or narrative, an essay on prose from other cultures and a piece of discursive writing (an argument, for example).

The course is designed to develop competence and confidence in speaking and listening, reading and writing. GCSE Subject Criteria for English Language require that in speaking and listening earners present and listen to information and ideas; respond appropriately to the questions and views of others; make a range of effective contributions, using creative approaches to exploring questions, solving problems and developing ideas; participate in a.

May 19,  · My speaking and listening presentation for IGCSE coursework. This video is on the brilliant work of Breakthrough, the UK's biggest Breast Cancer support. One interesting comparison between AQA GCSE English and the International Baccalaureate, for example, is that with the IB all written coursework is assessed externally and half of the speaking and listening is assessed externally too.

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Jun 18,  · I would say that getting rid of lots of coursework has been a blessing, freeing up time in the curriculum, removing really poor assessments and learning experiences like science ISAs and the annual parrot-fest of English speaking and listening assessments.

Speaking and Listening overall: This section is out of Last things to point out for the English language exam; it is the utmost priority not to screw this one up. This coursework is the easiest exam out of aqa two available, yet very easy to mess up.

Gcse english coursework speaking and listening
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