Give advice to a business visitor

The Commission issued an amended Rule on December 19, The amended Rule took effect on July 1, The primary goal of COPPA is to place parents in control over what information is collected from their young children online. The Rule was designed to protect children under age 13 while accounting for the dynamic nature of the Internet.

Give advice to a business visitor

Business crime prevention advice: Shop theft Business crime prevention advice: Shop theft Be professional Well-trained and motivated staff are the most effective deterrent in any store.

Staff should greet each customer and give them prompt attention when they enter your store. If you cannot serve them immediately, acknowledge them by making eye contact.

Don't stereotype - anyone can steal and anything can be stolen. If you think a potential thief is in your store Don't be afraid to approach a suspect a second or third time, asking if you can be of assistance.

Thieves feel uneasy when they are approached by attentive staff - it makes them feel that you are aware of their intentions. Genuine customers will not mind the attention of your staff. If you believe a theft has occurred Think about your safety at all times.

Get another staff member to assist you, and if you feel unsafe at any point, let the suspect leave. Approach the suspect and identify yourself.

Stay at a safe distance. Do not be confrontational.

Give advice to a business visitor

Tell them what you saw them do. Ask them to return with you to your office. If the suspect is cooperative If you are by yourself, walk behind the suspect to the office. If you are assisted, have the other staff member walk in front of the suspect and direct the way.

Watch to see if the suspect discards any stolen items. In the office, seat the suspect in an area where they cannot hide or steal further items. Suggestion - Keep your office door open while you are speaking to the suspect, or have another employee with you as a witness so the suspect cannot accuse you of ill-treatment.

Note any explanations or admissions. Call and ask for Police. When the Police arrive, they will speak to you first. They will interview the suspect and decide if an arrest is warranted. They will also search the suspect and recover your property. If this happens, they will give you a receipt.

They will ask the court for authority to return the property to you. You may want to consider issuing the suspect with a trespass notice use our trespass notice formthat will make it illegal for them to return to your shop for up to two years.

If the suspect is aggressive or runs off It is better to let the suspect go than risk being assaulted. If you feel safe enough to follow them, keep a safe distance.

Advise another staff member that you are following a shoplifter out of the shop and get them to call and ask for Police. The person who telephones Police needs to explain where your shop is, what you and the suspect look like, and in which direction you went. If you are following the thief, take a cell phone with you if you can.

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Call and advise the Police that you are following a shoplifter. Also give them your location and direction of travel. When you see a Police vehicle, wave it down and identify yourself.First time visitors from Western countries should be aware that although Taiwan has pretty good highway infrastructure, the driving habits of locals, especially those on motorbikes, are very erratic and disregard for rules is pretty common.

Wherever you go in Victoria, drop by a visitor information centre and chat with a local for tips to help you get the most out of your stay. THIS IS NOT AN AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT FORM TOURIST VISA (SUBCLASS ) Page 3 of 4 Business Visitor Stream If you are employed: A letter from your employer – stating your position, length of employment and confirming your intended role and reason for conducting business in Australia and educational qualifications and.

Ask for the visitor’s name and note the pronunciation.

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This way, when you alert a member of your office that their visitor is on site, you’ll also guarantee they know how to address the visitor, in case he or she has a name with a unique pronunciation. Outline. Business Crime Prevention Advice.

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