How to write about your house in french

Use the 'Google Custom Search' below to Search for the essay you want. Thursday, July 24, Describe the house you are living in Describe the house you are living in.

How to write about your house in french

If you want somebody to be inside of you, try not being so damn creepy. Okay, actual serious voice now. By the end of this post, that will be you. This covers the foreclosure process in Alberta. It will be very similar in every other province except for that French-speaking bastion of poutine lovers.

The common belief is you have to be three months behind before the bank will start to foreclose. This is not true.

If your payment is due on the first of the month, the lender can legally start the foreclosure process on the second of the month. And here you guys thought I was cool.

Part of every mortgage agreement states that you have to list the borrower as first loss payable on your fire insurance policy. The same thing happens if you fail to pay your property taxes, the condo fees, or keep the place in a reasonable state of repair.

Borrowers will often say the foreclosure process came at a surprise to them. This is almost always a lie. It costs a lot of money to foreclose. The lender will make multiple attempts to fix the problem before taking the case to the courts.

Thus, the process of getting foreclosed upon is pretty similar to getting sued for other reasons. This letter is the last step before the lender starts the foreclosure process. At this point, you can still salvage your situation with the lender by paying up, or at least making a plan to pay up. This is a giant mistake.

If you show up, you can at least try and beg the judge for a little more time in the house to prepare for moving. The judge is more likely to throw the borrower a bone if they actually show up. The lender might be interested in buying the place, especially if you still have some equity in the place.

Private lenders are far more likely to do this over traditional banks. This can buy you some time, at least. You can repay the arrears up to the day you have to physically leave the property.

Just remember, once the foreclosure process starts, legal fees will make that arrears much bigger. Typically you have months to do so.

You can also file a statement of defense which accuses the lender of wrongfully foreclosing. You can also file a quit claim, the court equivalent of mailing the keys back to your lender along with a picture of your middle finger. Many times, the lender is pissed at you and has no interest in keeping you in the property.

If you stick with the ostrich head in the sand defense, eventually a bailiff will show up at your door with the legal right to physically haul you out.

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Most foreclosures end with the court ordering a sale of the property. A real estate agent gets called in and lists the house on behalf of the court.

What can they do about it?Keep me posted with regular updates from the White House.

how to write about your house in french

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