Indian modern education system in hindi

In native Indian languages except in Dravidian languages such as Tamilthe distinction between aspirated and unaspirated plosives is phonemic, and the English stops are equated with the unaspirated rather than the aspirated phonemes of the local languages. Native speakers of Indian languages prefer to pronounce the English alveolar plosives sound as more retroflex than dental, [30] and the use of retroflex consonants is a common feature of Indian English.

Indian modern education system in hindi

See Article History Alternative Titles: He is sometimes called the father of modern India. Early life He was born in British-ruled Bengal to a prosperous family of the Brahman class varna.

Little is known of his early life and educationbut he seems to have developed unorthodox religious ideas at an early age. As a youth, he traveled widely outside Bengal and mastered several languages— SanskritPersianArabicand Englishin addition to his native Bengali and Hindi.

Roy supported himself by moneylending, managing his small estates, and speculating in British East India Company bonds. In he was employed by John Digby, a lower company official who introduced him to Western culture and literature. Roy continued his religious studies throughout that period.

The central theme of those texts, for Roy, was the worship of the Supreme God who is beyond human knowledge and who supports the universe. In Roy founded the short-lived Atmiya-Sabha Friendly Society to propagate his doctrines of monotheistic Hinduism.

In he published the ethical teachings of Christ, excerpted from the four Gospelsunder the title Precepts of Jesusthe Guide to Peace and Happiness. In his newspapers, treatises, and books, Roy tirelessly criticized what he saw as the idolatry and superstition of traditional Hinduism.

He denounced the caste system and attacked the custom of suttee ritual burning of widows upon the funeral pyres of their deceased husbands. His writings emboldened the British East India Governing Council to act decisively on the matter, leading to the prohibition of suttee in In Roy founded the Anglo-Hindu School and four years later the Vedanta College in order to teach his Hindu monotheistic doctrines.

When the Bengal government proposed a more traditional Sanskrit college, inRoy protested that classical Indian literature would not prepare the youth of Bengal for the demands of modern life. He proposed instead a modern Western curriculum of study.

Roy also led a protest against the outmoded British legal and revenue administration in India. The Brahmo Samaj was to play an important part, later in the century, as a Hindu movement of reform.

Indian modern education system in hindi

In Roy journeyed to England as the unofficial representative of the titular king of Delhi. The king of Delhi granted him the title of raja, though it was unrecognized by the British. Roy died of a fever while in the care of Unitarian friends at Bristol, where he was buried.Education in India is amongst various other elements that have supported and helped the nation to achieve development.

Indian education system is fascinating and it has gradually reached the present status with several other contributions. Essay on Education in Hindi अर्थात इस article में आप पढेंगे, शिक्षा पर निबंध. debate on education, debate on girl education in hindi, debate on modern education system in hindi, debate on present in hindi, essay on importance of women's education, essay on india in hindi.

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Indian English is the register of the English language characteristic of the Republic of Constitution of India designates the co-official language of the Government of India as English, along with Hindi. Today many regional varieties of English, or Englishes, exist around the globe and are slowly but steadily gaining recognition.

Education in India has many facets. These are formed by different institutions that existed from historic times to the present day. Talking about history, the ancient Indian education system was unique and some of its components and underlying principles are still found in different parts of the country.

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