Lord of the flies jack journal entries

Jack Merridew Entry one:

Lord of the flies jack journal entries

Jack Merridew Entry one: Landing I don't know the date, or time and I don't really care either, but I should write down the year at least in case someone finds this later and wants to read my recollection of the events on this island. The year isthere. Now on to more important matters. We were on a plane, well a school trip to Well anyway we came from England.

The plane, well it started on fire and hit the ground fast, I survived as did the rest in my choir but no adults are around or any I can see at least. When I was climbing out of the plane I saw this mangled looking notebook with a pencil, I thought well, may as well keep track of what happens here.

My choir and I walked around pretty aimlessly for a while, trying to figure out what had happened, when we heard this It was loud and obnoxious but we knew it was a signal and that someone was calling for us.

We followed it into the clearing and saw a skinny fair-haired boy blowing into a large conch shell, well that explained the noise. With him was a fat slob of a thing heh apparently his name is Piggy, no wonder.

The fair one, Ralph is his name, said he wanted to call an assembly to figure out what to do. Other than my choir, and him and Piggy there was only a bunch of little rats around the clearing, ugh kids are so annoying and good for nothing!

One of the first things that came up was naming a chief, I was obviously the best choice but I I'm the leader of my choir! I know what to do! He probably couldn't lead a group of ants! Well anyway he must've tried to win me over or something because he felt the need to 'give' me leadership over my choir, as if I didn't already have that!

But he acts as if he's done some big favor. The only favorable thing that happened today was that I named myself and my choir the hunters, myself being the lead hunter.

Lord of the flies jack journal entries

I seriously doubt that Ralph will be able to keep up being the leader for long, oh right I forgot to mention, my choir and I are also in charge of the 'signal fire', whatever, it's another chore.

I guess it might help us get rescued but I get the feeling we are going to be here a while. First Catch What a day! We've been here for a while now, and back to what I was saying, I caught a pig today!Journal Entries: Lord of the Flies Each entry must be ½ page or longer with legible handwriting.

You will exchange these entries with another student, so you must use appropriate language and directly answer.

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