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It means not only what happens to Lucy Gault, but that what happened to her has become a story, first a local tale, told and retold, and then a legend, "waiting to pass into myth". Silence, secrets, muteness tell the loudest stories here. To tell "the story of" the novel is to give it away, and readers who prefer to be startled when they read it should look away now:

Lucy gault

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If you have not yet experienced the great pleasure of a story by William Trevor, I urge you to read this new novel, and to set it in pride of place in your stores.

Because the haunting story of Lucy Gault will not fail to capture you with its mystery, its compassion, and the beauty of its writing. Lucy Gault is nine when her parents are faced with the agonizing decision to flee Ireland to be safe from the violence that privilege and Lucy's English mother have brought upon them -- or to stay in their home and risk losing it to the threat of arson.

Lucy cannot bear the thought of leaving Lahardane's beautiful pastureland, the seashore below pale clay cliffs, and the nameless dog that has become her companion.

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So she runs away into the nearby woods to convince her parents to stay. Instead, her actions begin the unravelling of her family when they find two bits of her clothing and conclude she has thrown herself into the sea. Now desperate to be rid of the place where their much-loved daughter has died, Captain and Heloise Gault set off to wander restlessly across Europe.

In the Lahardane woods, two weeks after the Gaults have gone, the groundskeeper finds the child lying lame and half-dead. He and his wife become Lucy's life companions as she keeps a year vigil of love and guilt waiting for her parents' return.Food, recipes, meal inspiration and stories from award-winning New Zealand journalist and food writer Lucy Corry.

The fact that Ruby Bridges was born the same year that the Supreme Court's Brown of Education decision desegregated schools is a notable coincidence in her early journey into civil rights.

The story of Lucy Gault starts when Lucy is eight, almost nine in , when her father shoots through the shoulder a possible member of the IRA who has come to burn the 'big house' that the Gault family have lived in for generations/5.

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OF LUCY GAULT. By William Trevor.

In the novel, The Story of Lucy Gault, chance plays a tremendous role. There are numerous examples of this. From the very beginning, the fact that Lucy goes for a swim, and then gets hurt on her way back through the woods, starts the plot. Family of Robert Coleman Sr. BY ROBERT A. IVEY Robert was the son of William and Faith Godfrey Coleman and was born in Amelia County, Virginia, in He had five brothers and one sister. His first wife was Susanne Phillips. Susanne was a member of the Huguenot Colony, Manakin of Virginia. The Story of Lucy Gault is a novel written by William Trevor in The book is divided into three sections: the childhood, middle age and older times of the girl, Lucy. The story takes place in Ireland during the transition to the 21st century. It follows the protagonist Lucy and her immediate William Trevor.

pp. New York: Viking. $ WILLIAM TREVOR will turn 75 next year.

Lucy gault

His deep, steady literary achievement, in two dozen books of fiction, has come. Results for the Black Rock '5' Race, which took place on Friday, 25 May, with finishers. The Story of Lucy Gault is set in provincial Ireland in the early s at the height of civil turmoil and anti-English violence.

Everard Gault, a retired Anglo-Irish army captain married to an Englishwoman, shoots and wounds one of the boys who has come in the night to set their house afire/5(9).

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