Massacre at mystic

The European colonies in New England were new at the time, the original settlements having been founded in the s. Bythe Dutch had fortified their trading post, and the English had built a trading fort at Saybrook. English Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies settled at the then four recently established river towns of WindsorWethersfield, Hartford and Springfield This was a time before the American, Haiti, and French Revolutions, a time before the Enlightenment Era, and the scientific revolution.

Massacre at mystic

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They shot anyone who tried to escape the wooden palisade fortress and killed most of the village in retaliation for previous Pequot attacks. Background The Pequots were the dominant Indian tribe in the southeastern portion of Connecticut Colonyand they had long competed with the neighboring Mohegan and Narragansett tribes.

The Pequots eventually allied with the Dutch Colonists, while Massacre at mystic Mohegans and others allied with the English Colonists.

Massacre at mystic

A trader named John Oldham was murdered and his trading ship looted by Pequots,[2]: According to Katherine Grandjean, the Great Colonial Hurricane of damaged the corn and other crop harvests of that year, making food supplies scarce and creating competition for winter food supplies.

This in turn increased the tensions between the Pequots and Colonists who were ill-prepared to face periods of famine.

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Pequot sachem Sassacusmeanwhile, gathered a few hundred warriors and set out to make another raid on Hartford, Connecticut.

At the same time, Captain Mason recruited more than Narragansett and Niantic warriors to join his force. On the night of May 26,the Colonial and Indian forces arrived outside the Pequot village near the Mystic River. The palisade surrounding the village had only two exits. The Colonial forces attempted a surprise attack but met stiff Pequot resistance.

Mason gave the order to set the village on fire and block off the two exits, trapping the Pequots inside. Those who tried climbing over the palisade were shot; anyone who succeeded in getting over was killed by the Narragansett fighters.

Wise notes that Captain John Underhill justified the killing of the elderly, women, children, and the infirm by stating that "sometimes the Scripture declareth women and children must perish with their parents We had sufficient light from the Word of God for our proceedings.

The Narragansetts were shocked and returned home in disgust. The battle which followed is known as the " Fairfield Swamp Fight ", in which nearly warriors were killed, wounded, or captured. Sassacus escaped with about 80 of his men, but he was killed by the Mohawkswho sent his scalp to the colonists as a symbol of friendship.

The treaty mandated that the remaining Pequots were to be absorbed into the Mohegan and Narragansett tribes, nor were they allowed to refer to themselves as Pequots.Six weeks before, in a key victory for the colonists, Capt.

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John Mason had led a massacre at the Pequot fort in Mystic, killing as many as Indians in a single hour. Massacre at mystic essay about myself Massacre at mystic essay about myself tiger essay review services. Proquest dissertations database Proquest dissertations database.

. Captain John Mason’s Account. of the Massacre at Mystic During the Pequot War.

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May-June A lieutenant in the English army, John Mason (circa –) immigrated to Massachusetts. At that feast, the whites of New England celebrated their massacre of the Pequots in the Connecticut Valley where the Mystic River meets the sea.

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