Qianfan xu thesis

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Qianfan xu thesis

From Observer, page 41,issue no. Though greed has landed him life imprisonment, public outcry fanned by extensive media coverage has given him a chance for retrial. The case of Xu Ting — who was charged with theft for withdrawingyuan from a malfunctioned automated teller machine ATM? Legal experts might dismiss some public opinion as ignorant of the rule of law with?

Though some of the views expressed were emotional in nature, both laymen and experts held a common ground -- the key contentious point was over the severity of punishment rather than the crime itself.

The crime of theft carries similar penalties applicable to robbery under the Chinese Criminal Law. Theft is punishable for a jail term between three and ten years. More serious offences, such as that against banks and financial institutions, can be jailed for 10 years or more, life imprisonment, even death sentence, in addition to fines, and assets confiscation.

Morality is less of an issue, unlike several cases in the past that triggered widespread public outcry, such as the case of Sun Zhigang, who was beaten to death in police custody for failing to carry his temporary residence permit. Sun's death eventually led to the end of a two-decade long custody and repatriation system for migrating populations in In another case, Yu Xianglin spent 11 years in jail on a charge of murdering his wife, who later was found to be alive.

Yu later received monetary compensation from the government. In comparison, the public views on Xu's case have toned down?

To reflect upon the lessons learnt from the trial of Xu, the EO invited two legal experts to dissect the subject: Xu Ting is certainly guilty, legally and morally. Although the bank too has the responsibility to maintain its hardware, Xu has deliberately taken the opportunity to commit wrong.

The public held that the sentence was too harsh, a reaction that stems from common sense, and that also reflected natural justice. For example, the law shouldn't prescribe life imprisonment for stealing 20 yuan while imposing five-year jail term for stealingyuan.

A judge should not interpret the law in such a manner, or else, it is against natural ration. The most debatable question of Xu's case is that many corrupted officials took tens of millions of bribes but were sentenced to life imprisonment at most.

Yet, the same applied to takingyuan. Is committing theft trough a faulty ATM more serious than corruption trough various means?

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In the retrial, Xu defended himself as temporarily safeguarding the money for the bank. But from common sense, it is a bad excuse, because the bank never entrusted him to do so.

In the initial judgment, a life imprisonment created uproars in the society because the public think the punishment is too severe. Increasingly complicated social problems are challenging the way laws are interpreted and applied. Once a justice of the United States' Supreme Court said law was the result of a judge delivering reasonable and applicable judgment.

Qianfan xu thesis

In other words, a judge should find a result that most suited the spirit and objective of law, and in line with public sentiment. Media Power and Public Pressure Zhang: The media has no right to and cannot preside over a trial.

However, it has the freedom to comment. In fact, it is difficult to contain debates in public space either over the internet or in contemporary media. As judicial injustices and corruptions are still rather common in China, scrutiny by various parties is necessary, and media plays an important role here.

The initial verdict on Xu highlighted problems of outdated legislation and judicial rigidity…and the media became a channel for redress. The result of this case public pressure contributed to a retrial only presented a scenario of interaction between the media, the public, and the?

The case of Xu Ting will remain an isolated one if we fail to institutionalize a system of references for judicial precedent. When another case crops up the next time, we might still face judges using their own discretion at will to deliver verdict.

I must say Xu ting is lucky. If there was no extensive media coverage that generated widespread public attention, the ending would have been different. Under the media's spotlight, Guangdong province's Superior Court sent the case back to the local court and ordered a retrial.

I think such action ought to be criticized.A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy Approved, Thesis Committee: Thomas C. Killian, Chairman Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Han Pu Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Qianfan Xu Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Houston, Texas April Read "Design, Analysis and Application of Magnetless Doubly Salient Machines" by Christopher H.

T. Lee with Rakuten Kobo. This thesis investigates the key characteristics of magnetless doubly salient machines, evaluates their design philosoph. Home > Hunter College > School of Arts & Sciences Theses.

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