Social impact of vodafone

Vodacom makes use of the services of the Vodafone Procurement Company VPC who have relationships with a network of global suppliers as well as certain local suppliers. Through this we benefit from economies of the scale and scope of purchasing activities across the Vodafone Group and are able to work closely with suppliers to tackle issues of human rights, fair labour practices, environmental protection, energy, climate change, health, safety and sustainability in our supply chain. We demand high ethical, health and safety, social and environmental standards of all our suppliers and we work with our suppliers to achieve and improve adherence and performance through continuous monitoring, assessments and engagements. These standards are set out in our Code of Ethical Purchasing.

Social impact of vodafone

Every year The Vodafone Americas Foundation seeks out the startups and organizations who are innovating on wireless technologies and making true impact in the world.

Social impact of vodafone

These projects are tackling massive global challenges like water scarcity, reliable disaster communications and remote health care access using mobile technology from SMS to never-before-seen mobile devices.

We were invited to join the panel of judges to review the final eight and the process was incredibly inspiring — challenging to pick only three final recipients. Uses unmanned aerial vehicles to patch together cellular access in the wake of tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes so victims can contact safety personnel.

This will help Chileans find new, renewable sources of water. MIMOSA Emergency Response establishes an integrated satellite, cellular, and web-based network for communicating and coordinating health and disaster response needs anywhere in the world.

Mobile Multimodal Colposcopy [Scripps Medical Clinic] enables any mobile phone with a digital camera to serve clinicians as a multimodal cervical cancer screening device. Speaklear, Automatic Evaluation and Treatment of Pathological Speech Disorders [Arizona State University] gives underserved communities access to a speech recognition mobile platform that can assess communication disorders and treatment remotely.Sustainability, accessibility, and health and safety.

We are focused on supporting safe and secure mobile device use, making our products and services accessible, keeping customers informed and managing our impact on the environment.

PFC Social Impact Advisors have launched a case study of Vodafone Foundation’s flagship CSR initiative in India.

Vodafone - Centre for Social Impact

The study offers an in-depth analysis of a meaningful corporate social responsibility programme that utilizes employee engagements as a tool to impact the community in which Vodafone India operates. GSMA Global Mobile Awards Best Mobile Product, Initiative or Service in Emerging Markets; GSMA mWomen Award for the Vodafone Foundation’s RUDI Sandesha Vyavhar project Guardian Sustainable Business Awards Social Impact Award for the Vodafone Connected series of publications (see Research).

Comments Off on Pink bikes for every town! The Rekola bikes teaches people to love public space He requested the support from the Vodafone Foundation, which supported him through the Vodafone Foundation Laboratory, an acceleration program.

He also gained money as a winner of Social Impact . Rebecca Wang CSR Leader/ Social Impact Change Agent. Rebecca Wang is driven by her personal passion and belief that any individual can make social impact, .

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