Stanza and anne frank

Mi save kakae glas, hemi no save katem mi.

Stanza and anne frank

It is as clear as the glassy water or is he saying that we are transparent to God? I once read this stanza as involving condensation—the water that goes over the fall will eventually rise again to make future waterfalls, just as the falls at Yosemite are renewed by snow and then snow melt every year.

The last stanza speaks to God consigning us to be cleansed. Although we, like the waterfall, hurtle over cliffs and are dashed on the rocks below, the experience frees us from our tainted lives.

The water, which seems to describe an arc towards death, is actually a fountain of life: O useful element and clear! My sacred wash and cleanser here; My first consigner unto those Fountains of life, where the Lamb goes! What sublime truths and wholesome themes Lodge in thy mystical, deep streams!

O my invisible estate, My glorious liberty, still late! Thou art the channel my soul seeks, Not this with cataracts and creeks. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

He, however, does not plan to restagnate.

Dove soggiornare a Copenaghen

Unlike cataracts and creeks, which go only down, we have a channel that goes upward. I hope but question. But the poem recalls for me a healing conversation I had with a Jesuit priest from Barcelona about a year and a half after Justin died.

The passage that recalled for me our talk is the following: Such as dull man can never find, Unless that Spirit lead his mind. Justin was actively seeking God when he died, and I am convinced that he dove into the St. I am also convinced that he was not seeking death.


There is no way he could have known that the currents were unusually treacherous in the normally safe spot where he entered. He had swum there as a child. I find the thought deeply comforting.

Stanza and anne frank

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Stanza and anne frank

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