What the heck is a surfactant

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What the heck is a surfactant

Jun Can you imagine the world without cosmetics? They represent a large group of ingredients and could be found in the majority of products we apply on our skin.

What the heck is a surfactant

Surfactants are crucial to cosmetic formulations. Finally, we will take a closer look on micelles and micellar cleansers as an example of surfactant goodness.

I promise to limit the chemist lingo as much as possible. As the title says, in this part, we will focus on explaining, what are surfactants and what are their main features. It all starts on the surface There is something called surface tension — a physical phenomenon occurring between two substances: It makes the surface of this first liquid behave like a resilient membrane.

All because of microforces making the liquid molecules stick together like a football players huddle. This ingredient not only decreases the forces between molecules on the surface of the liquid but also rearrange them, and gives entire substance brand new properties.

Surfactant molecule has a unique structure which allows them to dissolve in two different solvents simultaneously. In nutshells — Surfactants work like chemical organizers. Now the trickiest part Obviously, not all the surfactants are the same and chemists divided them into four groups.

This quality on the molecular level has a tremendous impact on surfactants interactions with other substances. We can distinguish here the following types of surfactants: They are the most often used group of surfactant in cosmetic formulations. Nonionic surfactants work very well with other surfactant categories and are very gentle for the skin.

Those surfactants are very common on the market due to low cost and effort of production. They are very reactive with other ingredients.

This characteristic makes cationic surfactants harder to rinse off and help them to deliver a nourishment to the cells. They are often used as secondary surfactants and have gentle or even soothing properties.

They can change their properties depending on the PH level. Types of surfactants; From the top: Nonionic, Anionic, Cationic and Amphoteric; Source: Cleansing detergency — the Hydrophilic head dissolves in water and the hydrophobic end in a dirt.

The result is an emulsion that is insoluble in water so that it can be easily removed by washing with water, such as rinsing our hands with a stream of water under a tap.

Many people use those two expressions interchangeably, but in fact, they are not the same. Word surfactant represents only one chemical compound. A detergent is a final product, for instance, a washing liquid — the mixture of surfactants and other properties enhancing additives such as fragrances and coloring.In Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

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