Write a notice for your school bulletin board

At the beginning of the school year, I post these "S.

Write a notice for your school bulletin board

Tweet You may write a notice, or an internal memo addressed to the students informing them of the science exhibition. Please note that for the notice to look official, the paper to be used should have a letterhead, or the name and logo of the school.

This should also be noted by your superior or a school official. Format of the letter may be as follows: Indicate in here the date you are releasing the notice To: Indicate in here the class and level of the students concerned. Indicate in here the person or department responsible for issuing the notice.

Science Exhibition This is to inform all concerned that the indicate in here the department or organization who is hosting the exhibition is holding a Science Exhibition in our school. Participants in the exhibition include indicate in here the people or organizations who will join the event as exhibitors.

Details of the event are as follows: Indicate in here the details of the said event. You may include the following information: For example, 8 AprilTuesday Time: What time the event will start, for example: This will also enable the participants and attendees to exchange ideas, learn and discover more about the multiple contributions of science to the humankind and how it affects our daily lives.

Indicate name and signature of school official Indicate official title of school official Indicate the department the school official belongs to Was this answer helpful?

Yes No Someone said: Thanks for it Was this comment helpful? Yes No Comment Report This answer closely relates to:Bulletin Boards Are Powerful Teaching, A three-dimensional torch accompanies the bulletin board, and more school supplies dangle from the ceiling to complete the theme.

Planning Your Bulletin Board

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write a notice for your school bulletin board

Some Tips for Designing Your Summer Bulletin Board. Determine if your lesson theme could be represented using any of the above ideas. Think of verses, poems, sayings, or concepts related to summer that could fit your . Cupcake graph - List months along the bottom axis on your bulletin board.

Ask students to decorate a paper cupcake on the first day of school, noting name and birthday.

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