Write automated test scripts

Please let me know what you think. Writing test cases for performance testing requires a different mindset to writing functional test cases.

Write automated test scripts

write automated test scripts

Saturday, December 8, 6: Yes kobi is pretty much right. But like to add one more important point. First you need to see the changes that may occur in your porject. If they are frequant then i suggest not to go for automation as it takes a lot of time to automate but if there is a slight change, you have to redo the hard work again.

So my suggestion is, first do some work on changes and then go for automation. Also, there are things which won't change so try to automate them first and other things. Badar Tuesday, December 11, I would also consider the context and scale of your regression testing.

If you are testing that changes don't reopen old bugs and the effort is small, it is likely not worth the effort and maintenance since about the third time you run it you will have found about all the issues that test will likely find.

I'm not certain who said it, but "Things that work tend to continue to work.

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You could branch out from there. For example, in your case you would probably use Watin, and Nunit to start with and expand out from there. Friday, December 28, Writing test scripts for automation does take some coding skills. But many test scripting courses focus on developers, and give testers way too much.

Selenium Webdriver can be added as package to C# project in Visual studio express IDE and then adding nUnit package one can write test cases. Below are the few links that can help you get kickstarted with selenium webdriver Automated test cases.

Cycle® is a continuous testing solution focused on modernizing and streamlining the development and deployment of Enterprise software solutions. The demand for testers who can write at least a little bit of code is the logical outcome of automated testing, which requires QA pros to script the tests they want the software to execute.

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Jenn Lent. Aug 31,  · Automation testing is a great way to increase regression testing without the overhead of having to manual test items for each iteration.

write automated test scripts

If you are not that familiar with any programming language I would suggest a tool that is mostly UI driven so that the QA tester can merely record End-User test cases via mouse and keyboard clicks. The process of writing, executing and managing test cases forms the foundation of ensuring software quality.

But what does it take to write a high-quality test case? Let’s take a deep dive into an actual, tangible example of what a good test case looks like.

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